Thursday, November 12, 2009

Daily devotional: Listen in the Lord's presence

"Have any of these prophets been in the Lord's presence to hear what he is really saying? Has even one of them cared enough to listen?
Jeremiah 23:18 NLTse

We can't expect to really hear from God in a drive-by or commercial-break type of moment. We need to spend time in the Lord's presence and care enough to really listen! "Busy"-ness is our enemy of really hearing from God.

Take time to settle down and be quiet before the Lord. Put myself in an environment where I can really hear from Him.

Heavenly Father, I worship You. I pray for special times of solitude in Your presence where you can speak to me as I listen carefully and eagerly. Please let me not allow life to crowd out my time with You. Please help me to patiently wait on You. Thank you for blessing me and restoring my soul. I love you!

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