Saturday, December 26, 2009

Daily devotional: Motives are what matter

"Say to all your people and your priests, 'During these seventy years of exile, when you fasted and mourned in the summer and in early autumn, was it really for me that you were fasting? And even now in your holy festivals, aren't you eating and drinking just to please yourselves?'"
Zechariah 7:5-6 NLT

What we do on the outside is not what God looks at. He judges our motives.

Reflect carefully on my motives. The greatest "work" or "worship" or "sacrifice" is useless if not done from the right heart and for the right reasons.

Heavenly Father, may You be praised sincerely among all nations! You are great and holy and worthy of all praise, glory, and honor. Thank you for graciously providing all that we need and much more. Holy Spirit, please prompt me to test my motives. I want my worship, works, and sacrifices to be pure before You. I love you, Lord! Please lead me and shape my character so that I will be a man after Your own heart, the man You have called me to be. I love you, Lord!

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