Sunday, December 6, 2009

Daily devotional: My inheritance is the Lord

I say to myself, "The Lord is my inheritance; therefore, I will hope in him!"
Lamentations 3:24 NLT

What a rich portion has been given to us as our inheritance! The Lord is worthy of our hope and capable to save us. His faithful love never ends! His mercies never cease (v.22)! Do I regard the Lord to this extent that I treat Him as my inheritance?

Hope in the Lord. Depend on Him. Search for Him (v.25). Wait quietly for salvation from Him (v.26). Submit now to His discipline (v.27). Rejoice in the Lord and hold Him dear as one would seek for, regard, and hold onto an inheritance.

Lord, You are my inheritance! I did not work for You, yet I get to enjoy You! What an undeserved blessing You are to me! I rejoice in You. I search for You as for treasure. I love You, hope in You, put my trust in You, and look to You alone for my salvation. You are worthy of my praise. Great is Your faithfulness and loving kindness. Even your discipline is good. As painful as it is, your discipline brings me back to You and saves me from destruction. I depend on You, my Lord and my God. You are holy and righteous. I worship You with fear and respect. Amen!

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