Monday, December 21, 2009

Daily devotional: Producing a huge harvest

And the seeds that fell on the good soil represent honest, good-hearted people who hear God's word, cling to it, and patiently produce a huge harvest.
Luke 8:15 NLT

When reading this parable in the past, I've always focused on not being the seed among the thorns, because I have always struggled with being distracted by all the things and cares of this world. But this time I noticed the characteristics of what causes a huge harvest: those who have an honest and good heart, cling to God's Word, and are patient (e.g., with steadfast endurance and perseverence as opposed to a "big-bang" approach) to produce a huge harvest.

Cling to God's Word, and steadily plod out/bear fruit patiently.

Lord, I love you. Thank you for not allowing satan to steal your Word before I could hear it. Thank you for giving me a strong foundation to not wither under persecution. Thank you for helping me grow less distracted by the things of this world. Please train and mold me into the person who will patiently produce a huge harvest for You!

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