Thursday, January 21, 2010

Daily devotional: Live in righteousness and self-control through Jesus

As he reasoned with them about righteousness and self-control and the coming day of judgment, Felix became frightened. "Go away for now," he replied. "When it is more convenient, I'll call for you again."
Acts 24:25 NLT

Living lives of righteousness and self-control, and facing the coming day of judgment on our own is a frightening thought. How awesome that by having faith in Christ Jesus, He not only covers our sins and mediates between us and God, but He also enables us to live lives of righteousness and self-control!

Don't stop with reveling in the forgiveness of sins that Jesus gives (although do revel in this!), but also remember the life of righteousness and self-control I am called to live through the power of the Holy Spirit and Jesus living through me.

Lord, thank you so much that we don't have to just try to live lives of righteousness and self-control on our own. Thank you Jesus for forgiving my sins, and not just stopping there but also living your life in and through me. Help me not to be lazy, selfish, and greedy. Rather, help me to live with self-control in righteousness. Thank you for your amazing power that makes this possible! I love you, my Lord and my God!

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