Monday, January 25, 2010

Daily devotional: Withdraw and pray

After telling everyone good-bye, he went up into the hills by himself to pray.
Mark 6:46 NLT

Jesus was heading out to a quiet place with his disciples because they had been so busy they didn't even have enough time to eat, let alone rest. But the people followed Jesus and his disciples, and Jesus had compassion on them. He taught them all day and then fed 5000 families on top of that. I am certain that if I had just been through that sequence of events, I would have just wanted to rest and revel in all that God had done. I would have been exhausted and wanted to "veg out." But Jesus withdrew from everyone to pray. We know he often withdrew, even at times most people were sleeping, to pray. He obviously gave us a lesson in His prioritization of prayer, and He was strengthened as a result.

Spend time in quiet places praying! Follow Jesus' lead.

Lord, thank you for your example. I worship You and praise You, my Lord and my God! You are supreme above all others, and I give You all my respect. I love you! Thank you for saving me and raising me to real life in You! Please continue making yourself at home within me. Please lead me through this new week. Make my priorities what your priorities are. Make my heart be moved by what moves your heart. Refresh and strengthen me. Help me to be diligent. Please give your special grace to fill all the needs of Uncle Bill, the Clarks, and all in Haiti. Strengthen and refresh them in You! Thank you, Lord Jesus!

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