Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Daily devotional: Strong faith in Jesus

But even now I know that God will give you whatever you ask.
John 11:22 NLT

After Lazarus died and Jesus showed up, Mary continued mourning, but Martha got up and met Jesus. Her faith was amazing given that Jesus was not often raising people from the dead. Because Martha knew who Jesus was, she knew nothing was outside of His capability.

Remember that Jesus, the One in whom my faith rests, is worthy of the full weight of my faith. Boldly come to the throne of God through my High Priest and Mediator who is not only all capable but also loves me and already laid down His life for me.

Lord, You are awesome. This morning I revel in Your power and think about the great things You have in store for and through those of us whose faith is strong and steadfast. My faith has found the most worthy resting place! I trust in You, the even living One who shed Your precious blood and gave Your life for me. Make my faith strong. Holy Spirit, help me not thin in the limitations of my human frame of mind but rather prompt me to ask boldly for the miraculous when my thinking falls short of what You have in mind.

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