Friday, March 5, 2010

Daily devotional: Take interest in others

Don't be selfish; don't try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. Don't look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too.
Philippians 2:3,4 NLT

It is easy to be absorbed in my own interests, what I want to get done, what issues or struggles I am facing, or what accomplishments I have achieved. Not only can I please God and honor Him by taking more interest in others, but they will see the love of Christ in me and life will be more interesting and fulfilling by being less about me.

Take more of an interest in others!

Lord, there was so much encouragement and challenge in the book of Philippians. Thank you for challenging me not to be self-absorbed. I need Your help and Your power to live in a way that honors You. I love you!

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