Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Daily devotional: Respect God and listen for His shared thoughts

He who forms the mountains,
creates the wind,
and reveals his thoughts to man,
he who turns dawn to darkness,
and treads the high places of the earth—
the LORD God Almighty is his name.

Amos 4:13 NIV

The Lord God Almighty reveals His thoughts to man! And He is great, to be feared and deeply respected.

Rejoice that God reveals His thoughts to me. Read His Word carefully, listen for His voice, and diligently seek Him. Fear God and reverently respect Him.

Lord God Almighty, You are awesome and worthy of all praise. You are worthy of all respect and all fear, for You form the mountains, direct the wind, and hold mankind's fate in the palm of Your hand. You are all knowing; Your wisdom is too great for mere mortals to comprehend. Yet You reach down into humanity, not just to save us through Jesus' death on the cross for those who believe, but also to give us new life in Jesus. That You reveal Your thoughts to us is awesome. We are not worthy, but You are. I do not want to miss out on any thoughts You will share with me. Please keep my heart tender towards You. Help me to listen carefully and recognize when You have any thoughts to share with me. Help me to understand Your Word, recognize the difference between thoughts that are from You versus thoughts of man, and help me to hear and recognize Your still, quiet voice and when You instill thoughts into my mind. Thank you for reaching into humanity and loving me this way. I love you, Lord God Almighty!

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