Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Daily devotional: Exalt God and be glad in Him

But may all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you; may those who love your salvation always say, “Let God be exalted!”
Psalms 70:4 NIV

I am to find my joy and gladness in God my Savior! And I am to exalt Him, not myself. It is about Him, not me. I must decrease, and He must increase.

Exalt the Lord. Rejoice and be glad in Him!

Lord, I not only rest in You but I also rejoice in You. Please be my sustainer, my joy, my peace, my portion, my comforter, and my hiding place. I exalt You, O Lord, and seek your glory rather than my own. Help me to always remember my place, that it is not about me but about You. You are worthy of all glory and honor and power and praise and worship. I love you and worship You.

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