Friday, October 22, 2010

Daily devotional: Appropriate response to others' misfortune

Men at ease have contempt for misfortune as the fate of those whose feet are slipping.
Job 12:5 NIV

It is too easy when things are going well for us to dismiss other people's misfortunes as being their own fault. The book of Job is a powerful story to show us that this is just not necessarily the case.

Instead of scorn or indifference for the misfortune of others, show compassion and love for them. Be Jesus to them.

Lord, thank you for this new day and for the event-filled days coming up. Thank you for showing us Your majesty through the beauty in nature. Thank you for taking care of me so richly and abundantly in ways far above anything I could deserve or ask for. I praise You and worship You. Please give me a heart of compassion and love for those who are less fortunate. Help me to see people with a heavenly perspective, not an earthly perspective. As a result, I pray that You would use me to minister to the downcast, poor, and suffering so that they may know You and find solace and joy in You! I love you!

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